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The best in music with one mission
-to -save -your -life! 

"Hold the line, help is on the way..."

NMOSD can blind you, paralyze you or even kill you in a matter of minutes and without warning....

But here's the good news, The Mayo Clinic has discovered a 'blood bio marker' unique only to NMOSD patients and this bio marker --this remarkable discovery, appears to be a pathway to a cure. But not just for NMOSD, this biomarker appears to be a blueprint for curing cancer! According to doctors at Harvard Medical, UCLA and The Mayo Clinic. You read that right! A cure! 
Listen to Dr. Michael Yeaman (UCLA) in the video below...

What are we going do? We're going get the best in music together, from the likes of Guns N Roses, DIO, Quiet Riot, Kool And The Gang, Chicago, The Wailers,  Oingo Boingo, Fix The Blame, Type O Negative, KSX, Danzig, Del Castillo, wasp and more... and we're going to record one epic album, it
L-I-V-E! The project will be filmed for television and proceeds will go to saving NMOSD patients lives and pushing this cure through clinical trials for FDA approval.

Visit the Guthy Jackson foundation for more information on the cure for NMOSD 
The Guthy-Jackson Charitable Foundation | Funding NMO Research ( 

Details on the album, concert and streaming series available soon...

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