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We do mysterious radio (and now TV) work from the Universal Studios Backlot with Warner Bros Vet Ethan Dettenmaier who worked with Director John Milius (Apocalypse Now, Conan The Barbarian) and Producer Steven Reuther (Pretty Woman, Under Siege) Directors Stephen Surjik (The Witcher) Michael Lange (X Files, Criminal Minds) Warner Bros Vet Lota Hadley, Producer Jason Shuman (HBO/Winning Time), Adrian Paul (Highlander) and more   

"Brigade-Radio-One is like The Oakland Raiders of Hollywood!"

--Gunnar Hansen (Leatherface in the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre) 

A word from Bill Salyers (Regular Show) 

From the cast of Regular Show to the members of Guns N Roses, we all agree on ONE THING, we need to cure #NMOSD and we're close thanks to the work of The Mayo Clinic, UCLA and Harvard and that cure appears to be a roadmap for cancer! Help us get it into clinical trials. Visit The Guthy-Jackson Foundation.



Help us cure NMOSD and with it....cancer

NMOSD can blind you, paralyze you or kill you without warning and in a matter of minutes --and it's becoming more common BUT, We're close to a cure for NMOSD and with it cancer! In fact, there are over 40 clinical trials for an NMOSD cure right now at different universities (including UCLA and Harvard) and hospitals world-wide --and cure for NMOSD appears to be a pathway to a REAL cure for cancer! Check the discoveries and work at The Mayo Clinic and donate to The Guthy-Jackson Foundation today!  



A cyclone-of-crazy! This book is a behind-the scenes look at the artists, crews and broadcast teams of Combat Radio and Brigade-Radio-One as they work --and survive-- a year of L-I-V-E shows at The World-Famous Canyon Club, including terrorist attacks, backstage photos, stories, interviews, soundchecks and more.... This book highlights, conversations with legends like Nancy Wilson (of Heart) talking about her induction to the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame, Steven Van Zant, and his work on The Sopranos, with Bruce Springsteen and to get Nelson Mandela out of prison, to George Lynch fabricating a bullet proof vest out of paperback books and duct tape as he took fire from rubber bullets and federal agents in protest of the Dakota Pipeline....The Temptations talk about surviving Motown, Terri Nunn (Berlin) talks about surviving her audition for the role of Princess Leia in Star Wars, 'Micro' wrestlers try to beat everyone up, the former members of Oingo Boingo lose a band member in Mexico, Air Supply talks about surviving a tour opening for Rod Stewart in the 70's, The English Beat survives Disneyland and the best tour bus stories of all time (listed in order from The Sisters Of Mercy to Stryper) and it's all true.... About The Authors. Mark Marshall was the Post Production Supervisor on Harry Potter. He is an editor at Brigade-Radio-One Ethan Dettenmaier worked in Feature Development at Warner Bros. and is the producer / creator of Combat Radio and Brigade-Radio-One

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