The Sword Experience Hollywood

Show: The Sword Experience Hollywood
Host: Adrian Paul and David Bethke

The Hollywood side of The Sword Experience.


Adrian Paul with Stefan Kapicic

This week Adrian and David reach deep into the effects of the Coronavirus on the film industry and how the launch of The Sword Experience Patreon platform will roll out on April 27th. Stefan Kapcic, more fondly known for his part in creating the character of Colossus in the smash film series Deadpool, sat down with Adrian in Athens, Greece to give his thoughts on creating this bigger than life character and the challenges it gave him.

Adrian Paul with Chris Claremont

In this first episode of the Sword Experience Hollywood podcast, Adrian Paul and David Bethke discuss the launch of the Sword Experience Patreon site that offers Lifestyle Essentials tips, Facebook Live events, along with sword fitness and technique training twice a week. Then hold on to your hats, because this week our guest is Chris Claremont, co-creator of many of the Xmen comic book and film franchise characters including Mystique, Rogue, Sabretooth, and of course Wolverine.