Sweetness & Light

Show: Sweetness & Light
Host: Eric Mark
Host: Justin Prust

Sweetness & Light is the brand-new weekly comedy podcast on Brigade-Rsdio-One that takes an outrageous, absurdist, yet compassionate look at the issues of the day, as well as relationships, entertainment, work life, and anything else that hosts Eric "Sweetness" Mark and Justin "Light" Prust happen to have on their minds during the recording sessions.

Eric and Justin are alumni of the world-renowned Second City Conservatory who between them have hours of experience performing on stages around the world.

Eric is an entertainment strategist who has worked with all the major studios, several broadcast and cable networks, video-game companies, and digital-distribution entities, in addition to being an actor, writer, voice-over artist, stand-up comic, and film producer. Justin has worked in consulting for automation and high-tech weaponry, and was once misled by the CIA into almost becoming a covert operative. Plus… that hair!