Lynne Pedersen

Lynne Pedersen

Host: Lynne Pedersen
Show: The Unfiltered ONE

On The Unfiltered ONE, we break it down. We engage Conscious Contributors; visionaries, mavericks and experts to discuss issues from the opioid epidemic to racism - basically anything we believe is a barrier to human connection - sometimes irreverent but always relevant.

The show is led by Lynne Pederse is the founder of ONE Recovery, who is known for her unbridled passion and fierce commitment to recovery from all struggles; even if the struggle you face is just living life. She has wrked wo

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ONE Recovery is an arts-infused, non-profit, community-based organization dedicated to supporting struggling young people and their loved ones. We architect prolific experiences for youth that are aimed at altering the course of their lives.

At ONE, there is no attachment to a specific struggle, label or diagnosis. We are all in some kind of recovery. It is as simple a concept as it is powerful.

ONE members learn quickly that they are not their diagnosis, but rather they are celebrated for their unique identity and footprint in this world. We seek to inspire and ignite the passion that exists within every struggling young person and heal the hearts of their loved ones.

If you want to support by donating your time or funding please do. You can donate on the website or email us at if you would like to share your passion or purpose with the kids of ONE.

Love and Respect.