Linda Mendoza

Host: Linda Mendoza
Show: Linda And Tim's Record Shop

Director Linda Mendoza (30 Rock, Blackish, Sesame Street) and Tim Kahle (House, The Bernie Mac Show) open up the record vault for all the classic music --and stories-- one needs to hear. (This show is a 5 out 5 on 'The Radio Arc' scale.

Linda Mendoza started in television in the multi-camera/variety genre, working her way up to Production Supervisor on hit shows like In Living Color and Saturday Night Live. She eventually became an Associate Director on shows such as The MTV Video Music Awards and several Stand-Up and Music Specials. The Chris Rock Show for HBO was her transition to full-time directing. Linda was one of the house directors on The Bernie Mac Show and has been working in narrative television for over 15 years on such series as 30 Rock, Whitney, Scrubs, and Ugly Betty, which garnered her an ALMA Award. Recent episodic credits include Brooklyn 99, Superstore, The Good Place, Blackish and Fuller House and The Tick. One of the highlights of her career has been directing The Gershwin Prize, In Performance at the White House four times honoring Burt Bacharach, Carole King, Stevie Wonder, and Paul McCartney.

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