Justin Prust

Justin Prust

Host: Justin Prust
Show: Sweetness & Light

Justin is an authority on leadership, team development corporate change management and being awesome. Based in Houston, Texas by way of Los Angeles, he is business “light” during the day, and comedian by night. He is best known for transforming Fortune 100 companies and his “Jimmy Neutron” hair. He believes in life, liberty and the pursuit of awesomeness.

Justin earned a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Arizona State University and he attended the London School of Economics with the intention of going into politics or business, but then went into stand-up comedy where he met Eric “Sweetness” Mark. He studied and performed at Second City and worked as a literary agent in Los Angeles. He was once called, “a man with an ego, pizzaz, and great wit.”

Missing the challenging world of business, he decided to pursue his Master of Business Administration at Tulane University. Following commencement, he joined Raytheon Missile Systems where he discovered his true passion disrupting the large corporate cultures of bureaucracy, laziness, and their support of mediocrity over achievement.

Today, as the President of Justin Prust Inc. in Houston, Justin works with clients’ individual needs to reimagine their processes and reduce waste, motivate their teams, and increase overall revenue. An innovative veteran coach, he trains leaders and teams on how to motivate and innovate in their daily work. He develops strategic plans and processes in an effort to change the way his clients do business, prepare for the future, and fully employ all resources to reduce waste. Justy enjoys a good stout, not being PC, movies, and having fun in all capacities.