Paul, Kevin, Johnny, Olivia, Andrew and Chad

Ghost Watch Paranormal

Hosts: Paul Roberts, Kevin Otte, Johnny Matook, Olivia Pipala, Andrew Saxsma and Chad Boise
Show: Ghost Watch Paranormal

It’s always been about the adventure.

We love what we do. We are fascinated by all aspects of the Paranormal. And we’re learning. We’ll always be learning and searching; but that’s the fun of it all. The journey; and being on that journey with people you call family, is the dream. Something brought this diverse group of people together for a reason we can’t explain. We’ll never stop exploring or asking questions and we want to share our paranormal experiences with you.

Paul Roberts: Co-founder of Ghost Watch Paranormal. A Los Angeles native that grew up watching Scooby Doo, found himself caught up in the harsh reality of the paranormal. In 2009, he survived an oppression that changed the course of his life and set him on the path to learn more about what’s beyond the darkness.

Kevin Otte: Co-Founder of Ghost Watch Paranormal. Kevin is the tech saavy member of the team and has more of skeptical eye. Born and raised in Missouri, Kevin was a Deputy Sheriff and a Deputy Coroner for his county while pursuing the paranormal with a local team. With Ghost Watch, he shreds the evidence to make sure what we catch is as credible as possible.

Johnny Matook: Johnny is the resident sensitive on the team hailing from Chicago. He’s an invaluable to us as he is able to sense and determine energies and their intent. That gives us the ability to navigate locations and protect ourselves when needed. His passion to help people drives us to push further into the paranormal and reach out to other researchers to create a network of information.

Olivia Pipala: Olivia brings the analytical perspective to the team as she is a high school Chemistry teacher also accredited in Biology and Earth Sciences. She takes many factors into account when examining how the environment affects a paranormal investigation. Her enthusiasm to learn more breathes a fresh energy to everything we do.

Andrew Saxsma: Also coming to us from Chicago, Andrew has an amazing eye for discovery. Childhood experiences started him down the road of the Paranormal; and later, his talent as an award winning writer brought him to Los Angeles and to us. Andrew is always ready to question any instances during an investigation to make sure what we are experiencing is really paranormal.

Chad Boise: Being the newest member of the team and one of our closest friends, Chad comes from the Wiccan perspective of the world and the energies around it. It’s new field for us to learn from him and we’re excited to be able to have his knowledge and experience add to the team’s abilities.