BRIGADE! from the Michael Myers/Halloween House

It may be November but you can 're-live' our special Halloween broadcast from the MIchael Myers / Halloween House / Sugarmynt Gallery here on Brigade-Radio-One with  Director Michael Lange (X-Files, Bones --the host of 'From The Set With...') Ghost Watch Paranormal, former Warner Bros Exec turned Producer Bill Daly (Harry Potter, Batman and the host of Executives In Exile) Mark --I survived working on The Goonies-- Marshall, Production Designer William Sandell (Robocop, Total Recall) Kim Gottlieb Walker (The on set photographer for Halloween and The Fog) Sara Rose and Cory Rubin and a barrage of spooky-Halloween-haunted shows from the Michael Myers House / Sugarmynt Museum in Pasadena. Check it.

You can support social services and get the Combat Radio Halloween Album, featuring many of your favorite Brigade-Radio-One personalities here:

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